How It Works


Our Process

Our volunteers support adults in minority communities to develop practical everyday English.

We provide guidance to volunteers so that they can serve as “practice partners” for adult workers using the everyday English that they need.

Step 1: Identify

With community partners, we identify frontline working adults who need and want to develop workplace English.


Step 2: Prepare and Support

Volunteers serve as “practice partners” and support frontline workers in developing everyday English using the English Together approach and materials.


Step 3: Empowerment & Connect

Workers become more confident in using English and come together with volunteers to break down barriers and build trust.


We support a range of workers

Work-place English is critical for immigrant workers to contribute fully to the nation and help us all to reach our fullest potential.

English Together

Our Approach

Our approach focusing on the English that immigrants need in their everyday lives. Using our materials, volunteers prepare to serve as “practice partners” to support the development of English for a range of everyday needs such as:

Workplace Interactions

Engaging its specialized workplace interactions such as taking orders in restaurants, setting up house-cleaning appointments, and contracting for yard work.

Life & Work Goals

Preparing for workplace advancement and furthering life goals that require passing specific examinations (contractors examinations, US citizenship test). 

School-related interactions

Interacting with school personnel to support their children. Participating in parent-teacher conferences. Providing information about children’s needs.

Everday-life interactions

Shopping, asking where things are, reading ads, looking for information on the internet, interacting with co-workers, medical personnel, and other state and community agency personnel.